Thursday, April 29, 2010

Truths of a Fallen Soul

Unfortunate truths are what pulls at my soul;
I feel I have no where else to go;
I turn to rhymes and lyrics for show, but when it's all said and done....
I welcome you to the wrong side of my gun.

Peace, Love and Hate will always be the World's most common debate.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Obscurity of Being naked and Exposed to All to Witness

I am naked for the whole world to see.
I don't have any secrets, I don't have any lies.
It's only me here for judgement,
But I've already judged myself, and have found an empty soul.
This is me that I present myself for all to see.
Trust in no one and hurt won't follow you.
Love in everyone and there you will find pureness.
I am still looking for her.

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Adrenalized Demon Inside

Every time we suit up and roll out we roll the dice, at anytime we can die--

Everyday is a ponder or perhaps a wonder of why it was we all don't live in that lie--

Due diligence with save us all, either your Creator, or a lil round ball [bullet reference]--

Locked and loaded is how we shall walk, some will say the same, but did they just talk the walk?

Infinitesimal seconds pass, next time it could be your own ass--

Walking through the valley of the shadow of death; Fuck that, I got NODS [Night Vision Reference] I can see the best--

Talk to a soldier current or past; they all know one day it could be their own ass--

No one gets out alive- the demos struggle within us to see the light of day--

It's enough for a seasoned Vet to give up and take it all away--

To a place so ugly and grim, yet these are the fields we play in- some may call it The Valley of Sin--

Welcome home they will say; welcome to the struggle, and gimme a double, and may the demons inside drown away--

To feel the pain that courses through a soldier's veins is just for the Free to exercise their own gain--

Give 'em meds, sedate their lives; fuck it if they've got families and lives--

You punish the soldier who took the vow; now who the fuck are you to tell us to just "suck it up now?"

Vengeance is only a matter of time, hopefully I never exercise mine--

I have eternity of guilt enough to bring the Devil to his own hilt--

Forever in strife is how we live our lives; now you ask us to be regular guys--

Take a moment to walk in our boots- but do remember you must be ready to shoot--

After you've shot, just remember its your soul they've now got.